Determinants, Income and Social Status, Social Support Networks, Education, Working Conditions, Physical Environments, Biology & Genetics, Personal Health Practices & Coping Skills, Healthy Child Development, Health Services

Health Services Restructuring in Ontario

OHPE Bulletin #13.1 July 25, 1997

1. The Metro Toronto Health Services Restructuring
2. Related Resources
3. Addictions & Mental Health Services Restructuring
4. Evaluating Rural & North Health Programs

Using the Web to Engage Teens in Health Promotion

OHPE Bulletin #7.1 Jane 13, 1997

Using the Web to Engage Teens in Health Promotion:

Preliminary Findings from TeenNet


The CyberIsle Project


Quantitative Results

Qualitative Results

- Makin' Cents

- Hot Talk

For more information

Children's Well-Being

OHPE Bulletin 4.1 May 23, 1997

Coalitions & Programs for Children's Well-Being

A. Voices for Children

B. Sparrow Lake Alliance

C. Campaign 2000 - Child Poverty in Canada

D. "Better, Brighter, Best" Ontario Community Programs for Children

Editorials on Sexual Health Programs & Hospital Restructuring

OHPE Bulletin #1.1 May 2, 1997

A. Ontario Hospital Services Restructuring Commission - a critical commentary

B. Why the Province must continue full funding for Sexual Health Programs

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