Priority Populations, Children 0 -12, Youth 13-19, Adults 20-55, Senior / Elders 55+, Women, Men, Aboriginal People, People with HIV/AIDS, Visible Minority Groups, Multi-Cultural Communities, Francophone, People in Remote, Rural Northern Communities, Disabled, Homeless

Building international solidarity in the fight to turn the tide of HIV/AIDS in Africa: Grandmothers lead the way


I Introduction
II Grand hopes from two shores
III An intergenerational appeal
IV Conclusion

-- submitted by Peggy Edwards

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National Collaborating Centres

National Collaborating Centres (NCCs) for Public Health in Canada promote and improve the use of scientific research and other knowledge to strengthen public health practices and policies in Canada. They identify knowledge gaps, foster networks and translate existing knowledge to produce and exchange relevant, accessible, and evidence-informed products with researchers, practitioners, and policy makers. For more information visit

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Growing Up In BC

This report, a joint effort of the B.C. Representative for Children and Youth and the Provincial Health Officer, identifies 30 indicators of well-being, and for the first time in Canada establishes a baseline of data to measure progress in improving the circumstances and outcomes for children and youth.

BC Provincial Health Officer

National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health: Aboriginal health through a social determinants lens


I Introduction
II Defining social determinants from an Aboriginal perspective
III Policy for transformation
IV Research for relevance
V Practice and partnership
VI Conclusion
VII References

-- Submitted by Holly Nathan, Communications, National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health

Early Physical Literacy in Alberta: Alberta Centre for Active Living article

Regular physical activity is a vital cornerstone in leading a healthy life, for children and adults. This article addresses the importance of helping all children to achieve physical literacy at a young age and provides an update on steps being taken in Alberta by Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) and other key stakeholders to better promote physical literacy to all Albertans.

The article is available on the Alberta Centre for Active Living website:

Women's Health Research Café

Toronto, Ontario
June 15, 2010

CBCN Report: Financial and Workplace Impact of a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Groundbreaking Canadian Research Reveals Financial and Workplace Impact of a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

80 per cent of women experienced a financial impact; 16 per cent had their jobs terminated

Best Start: Ontario's Maternal, Newborn and Early Child Development Resource Centre


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