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Halting the obesity epidemic: A public health policy approach

 Nestle, M. and Jacobson, M.F. (Jan/Feb 2000).Public Health Reports, Vol. 115, 12-25.

"The paper, "Halting the Obesity Epidemic: A Public Health Policy Approach," urges legislators, researchers, educators, businesses, urban planners, transportation experts, and nonprofit groups to approach obesity in a more creative way and to take immediate action. Specific recommendations include:
* Mounting large scale mass-media campaigns to promote healthier diets and physical activity;

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Health Services Restructuring Commission

 "The Health Services Restructuring Commission (HSRC) was established in April 1996 with a four-year mandate to
1. make decisions on restructuring Ontario's public hospitals, and
2. make recommendations to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care on reinvestments in and restructuring of other parts of the health system and other changes required to support restructuring generally, and the creation of a genuine health services system in the province.

Practical Evaluation of Public Health Program Workbook

 This workbook prepared by The University of Texas-Houston Health Science and The Texas Department of Health in 1999. Check out section II, Framework for Planning and Implementing Program Evaluation on engaging stakeholders.

Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health

 (1999). Milstein, R. & Wettterhall, S., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Publication of this framework also emphasizes Centre for Disease Control's continuing commitment to improving overall community health. Because categorical strategies cannot succeed in isolation, public health professionals working across program areas must collaborate in evaluating their combined influence on health in the community. Only then will we be able to realize and demonstrate the success of our vision -- healthy people in a healthy world through prevention.

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