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WHO-Sponsored Commission on Social Determinants of Health: Public Invitation to Nominate Commissioners


"Throughout the world, poor people and those from socially disadvantaged groups get sicker and die sooner than people in more privileged social positions. Income poverty is a powerful predictor of health outcomes, but other social factors such as nutrition and diet, housing, education, working conditions, rural vs. urban habitat and gender and ethnic discrimination also determine people's chances to be healthy. Indeed, science shows that social factors account for the bulk of the global burden of disease and of health inequalities between and within countries.

"To respond, WHO will launch a high-level Commission on Social Determinants of Health which will assemble relevant evidence and, most important, spearhead a political process to drive change. The Commission's overarching goal is to increase vulnerable people's chances for a healthy life. It will achieve this by identifying and promoting implementation of effective policies on the social determinants of health in countries, at WHO, and among global health actors. The Commission will emphasize turning public health knowledge into political action." [from the website]

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Ontario Women's Institutes Recognize Provincial Partners for Contribution to Rose Program


A celebratory two-day forum was held at Georgian College with over 200 Women's Institute education delegates and provincial partners attending. The Federated Women's Institutes of Ontario (FWIO), host of the provincial ROSES are Blooming Forum, presented "Partners in the Future Well-Being of Rural Communities" awards to the ROSE (rural ontario sharing education) program's provincial partners who have committed to improving the availability and accessibility of vital information for rural communities. Awards were presented to the Alzheimer Society of Ontario, Canadian Diabetes Association, Safe Kids Canada, The Arthritis Society, Ontario Breast Screening Program, National Eating Disorder Information Centre, St. John's Ambulance, Ontario Community Support Association, National Ovarian Cancer Association, Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario and the Osteoporosis Society of Canada.

The ROSE Program is dedicated to providing rural communities with the opportunity to make informed personal decisions by providing accessible, reliable, and accurate information. For more information about the Women's Institutes ROSE Program, visit or call (519) 836-3078.


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