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The Closing the Distance Project

I Introduction
II Closing the Distance Project Phases
III The Project Model
IV The Distancing Dimensions
V The Closing the Distance Analytic Tool
VI Conclusion
VII Endnotes

Population and Public Health Branch, Health Canada

 From the website: "Population and Public Health includes responsibility for policies, programs and research relating to disease surveillance, prevention and control, health promotion, and community action."

PPHB, Health Canada, Ontario Region, along with the Laidlaw Foundation, funds the Social and Economic Inclusion Initiative Project featured in OHPE 330.1. Contact information is listed at

Laidlaw Foundation

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Letter From the Editors, September 2003

I Elections! Do not miss this golden opportunity

II Round up of Election Guides and Electoral Campaigns

Community Health and Wellness Group, Fort Erie, Ontario

I Introduction

II Fort Erie Is Unique

III A Unique Source of Funding

IV The Group's History

V Getting Started

VI Notable Support

VII Next Steps

VIII Results

IX Summary

By Catherine Mindorff, Volunteer Project Chair, Community Health and Wellness Fort Erie

With nearly twenty years of nursing experience and graduate training as an epidemiologist, Catherine oversees project management and is responsible for facilitating research planning and implementation. She also leads critical analysis of the local empirical quantitative and qualitative data. Catherine's family has lived in Fort Erie for thirty-seven years and she is founder and executive director of the Fort Erie Refugee Reception and Migration Health Centre. Catherine is a regular author and presenter of research abstracts.

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