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The Royal Launches HealthyMinds, an App for Students

HealthyMinds is designed to help students in college or university keep their mind healthy while navigating the stresses that come with balancing school deadlines and assignments, part-time jobs, extracurricular activities, peer relationships, family responsibilities and social demands. After all, students face some of the most intense pressures at this point in their life.

Training Youth Staff to Work with Youth, Parks and Recreation Ontario

Toronto, Ontario
August 9, 2012

9:30 a.m. (registration), 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Sport Alliance Ontario, 3 Concorde Gate, Boardrooms 3 and 4

Often times, staff who work in youth programs are youth themselves. Without appropriate training, it can be difficult for them to create the kind of environment which will attract and retain program participants. This workshop will provide you with a training tool you can use with your Youth Staff. It covers such topics as:

Skills for Health Promotion Winter 2011: THCU's Introductory-Level Series of Webinars

January 12, January 20, and February 9, 2011

Expand your health promotion toolkit for any health promotion issue. These introductory-level webinars cover the basics of THCU's recommended step models.

In each of our 75 minute lecture-style webinars,

BOY - It's not easy being one...

Introduction: The Issue

A. Some facts about boys

B. What Can We Do?

C. Concerned Children's Advertisers

D. Tips to Help Promote Positive Self Esteem With Boys

By Linda Millar,

Director of Education,

Concerned Children's Advertisers

Shiftwork Like Clockwork: French Version

Sudbury & District Health Unit

 The Sudbury & District Health Unit and the Porcupine Health Unit are pleased to announce the availability of our Shiftwork Like Clockwork Facilitator's Training Guide, French version. This program is set up to enable you to facilitate your own Shiftwork Like Clockwork Workplace Wellness Program.

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