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Health Reform

Health Canada: Health Promotion Development


  The resources page of the Health Promotion Development Online (Health Canada) provides online access to several publications of interest to those involved in HP, including:

Indie: The Integrated Network of Disability Information & Education.


 You can search through a huge database of linked organizations and resources on: Adaptive Technology; Disability Organizations; Education;
Employment; Government; Housing; Lifestyles; Media; Products And Services; Recreation Arts and Culture; Rehabilitation; Resource Centres and Libraries; Disability Type; Social Development and Legislation; Transportation

How Are Health Reforms Affecting Seniors? A Participatory Evaluation Guide


Just released from the National Advisory Council on Aging (NACA), this participatory evaluation guide is the end product of 3 years of research and analysis undertaken by NACA to develop a tool to assist
in evaluating the impact of health reforms on the availability, the accessibility and the quality of health care for seniors and their families.

Canadian Health Coalition


2841 Riverside Drive,
Ottawa, ON K1V 8X7,

613-521-3400 ext. 308 fax 613-521-4655,
 The Canadian Health Coalition has worked since 1979 to preserve medicare in Canada. The coalition membership is made up of groups representing women, senior citizens and health care providers, along with churches, trade unions and anti-poverty groups. Diversity and access are key concerns of the coalition.


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