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Health Reform

Review of the research on the effectiveness of health service interventions to reduce variations in health.


Type of Resource: Article
Source: (1995) York: NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination.
Author: Arblaster, L., Entwistle, V., et al

Women's and Children's Hospital, Southern Australia


72 King William Road North Adelaide SA 5006 Australia

61 8 8204 7000 Fax.: 61 8 8204 7459

 This hospital's mission supports the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion (WHO, 1986) and the intention of the Budapest Declaration on Health Promoting Hospitals (WHO, 1991).
They have 4 principles:

The Hospital Health Promotion Network


c/o St. Joseph's Community Health Centre, Hamilton, Ontario,

(905) 573-7777, ext. 8054 OR

 If you are interested in joining the Hospital Health Promotion Network, please contact any of the following:

Nancy Mulroney, Assistant Coordinator Education Services, Queen Street Mental Health Centre, Toronto, Ontario,
Telephone: (416) 535-8501, ext. 2183

Centre for Health Information and Promotion (CHIP), Hospital for Sick Children


 The Centre for Health Information and Promotion (CHIP) at The Hospital for Sick Children furthers the Hospital's vision of "a children's hospital without walls" by joining forces with internal and external groups to help prevent illnesses and injuries among children. CHIP programs include a resource centre and health promotion programs.

CHIP's health promotion programs

International WHO Network of Health Promoting Hospitals


 Initiated by the WHO Regional Office for Europe.
The International WHO Network of Health Promoting Hospitals supports hospitals to become a more health promoting setting. Health Promoting Hospitals focus on promoting health for patients, staff and the population in the community and they are moving towards becoming a "healthy organization" (in a metaphorical sense) by redesigning or extending services.

International Newsletter of Health Promoting Hospitals


 The Newsletter as a semi-annual publication is the central printed medium of communication in the International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals. It contains

- contributions to the conceptual development of the HPH
- experiences with health promoting activities and programmes in the European Pilot Hospital Project and other hospitals
- information on HPH - meetings and conferences
- information on other events relevant for the HPH

Hospitals, Health Promotion & Community Action


1. Hospital Network in Support of Community Action
2. To Join the HNSCA
3. Examples of Hospital Involvement in Community Action

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A. Hospital Health Promotion Network
B. The [Canadian] Hospital Health Promotion Network
C. Health Promotion Exchange Newsletter
D. Joining the Hospital Health Promotion Network

Note: Don't forget to check out OHPE 75.2 for resources related to Hospitals & Health Promotion


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