Policy Development

Mental Health Promotion

OHPE Bulletin #28.1 November 27, 1997

A. Introduction

B. Event by Mental Health Promotion Interest Group

C. Self-Help Resource Centre

D. Homelessness & Mental Health

E. Homewood Health Centre - Guelph

Action Statement on Health Promotion

 Canadian Public Health Association Action Statement was produced after 2 years of regional discussions and intensive work at 1996 CPHA conference - setting direction for HP for next 10 years. It builds upon the work of the Ottawa Charter and other key documents. The Statement notes that: promoting health requires that we focus our efforts and prioritize our actions by: sharing a vision & values of HP; creating alliances; knowledge, skills and capacity; political commitment and healthy public policies; strengthening our communities; and health systems reform.

Health Services Restructuring in Ontario

OHPE Bulletin #13.1 July 25, 1997

1. The Metro Toronto Health Services Restructuring
2. Related Resources
3. Addictions & Mental Health Services Restructuring
4. Evaluating Rural & North Health Programs

Children's Well-Being

OHPE Bulletin 4.1 May 23, 1997

Coalitions & Programs for Children's Well-Being

A. Voices for Children

B. Sparrow Lake Alliance

C. Campaign 2000 - Child Poverty in Canada

D. "Better, Brighter, Best" Ontario Community Programs for Children

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