Policy Development

Discourse in different voices: reconciling N = 1 and N = many

Type of Resource: Article
Source: (2002). Social Science & Medicine, 55, 1079-1087
Author: Little, M. et al

Does Deliberation Make a Difference? A Citizens' Panel Study of Health Goals Priority Setting

Type of Resource: Article
Source: Health Policy, 2003; 66(1): 95-106
Author: Abelson J, Eyles J, McLeod C, Collins P, Forest P-G.

An Inclusion Lens

I Introduction

II What Are Social and Economic Inclusion?

III What is an Inclusion Lens?

IV Values: The Foundation for Inclusion

V Dimensions of Exclusion and Inclusion

VI Looking Through the Inclusion Lens: Questions to Ask

VII Considerations for an Action Plan

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Canadian Fact Book on Poverty 2000

Type of Resource: Book
Source: (2000) Canadian Council on Social Development
Author: Ross, David; Scott, Katherine; Smith, Peter.

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