Policy Development

Deceptive Cigarette Labelling

I Introduction

II Background

III National Cancer Institute Report

IV Ministerial Advisory Council on Tobacco Control Report

V References

- submitted by the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit

Bureaucratic logic in new social movement clothing: the limits of health promotion research

Type of Resource: Article
Source: (1991) in Health Promotion International 4 (2), 282
Author: Stevenson, M.H. and Burke, M.

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Promoting Healthy Policy Decisions: Can the Focus be Improved?

I Introduction

II Factors Affecting the Capacity of Health Promotion to Influence Decision Makers

i Position of Health Promotion Within the Health Sector

ii Breadth of Health Promotion: A 'beautiful curse'

iii 'Bureaucrats in Advocate's Clothing'

iv Lack of a Citizen Constituency Mobilized for Health Promotion

III Suggestions for Influence

IV References

The following is an abridged version of a presentation by Brian Hyndman at the Second International Symposium on the Effectiveness of Health Promotion, Toronto, Ontario, May 29, 2001.

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