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Our OHPE team is working on a round up of pandemic and risk communication resources for a special column next week. In the interim, you may find some useful resources in the following older issues.

SARS, April 2003:

West Nile, July 2003:

From the Archives: OHPE 168.1 Risk Communication: An Overview, April 2003:

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Executive Director, AlphaPlus


Toronto, Ontario
Deadline May 27, 2009

AlphaPlus' Board of Directors invites applications for the full time contract position of Executive Director.

AlphaPlus  is committed to advancing adult basic education through the smart use of digital and Web-based technologies. We research and evaluate new technologies and tools, help integrate technology into practice, and offer professional development and networking opportunities to educators and adult learners across Canada.

Walking Events


International Walk to School Month (October)
Walk to School Month gives children,
parents, school teachers and
community leaders an opportunity
to be part of a global event
as they celebrate the many benefits
of walking. In 2007, millions of walkers from
around the world walked to school together

Recent Articles Related to Active Transportation and Child-friendly Maps


Dannenberg, A. et al. (2003). The impact of community design and land use choices on public health. American Journal of Public Health, 93 (9), 1500-1508.

Richard Gilbert and Catherine O'Brien (2005), Child- And Youth-Friendly Land-Use And Transport Planning Guidelines, Centre for Sustainable Transportation (

Wurtele, S. and Ritchie, J. (2005). Healthy Travel, Healthy Environments: Integrating Youth and Child Perspectives into Municipal Transportation Planning. Children, Youth and Environments, 15(2),356-370.


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