Children 0 -12

In Harms Way: Toxic Threats to Child Development

Type of Resource: Article
Source: (2002). Developmental and Behavioural Pediatrics Vol 23(1S): S13 - S19
Author: Stein J., Schettler T., Wallinga D., Valenti M

Having Faith

Type of Resource: Book
Source: Perseus Publishing, 2001
Author: Sandra Steingraber

Child Health and the Environment---Public Policy Perspective

I Introduction

II Why Focus on Children's Environmental Health?

III Children's Environmental Health Policy--The National Level

IV National Legislation Under Review

V Participation in the Policy Process

-- by Susanne Burkhardt, Policy Analyst, Canadian Partnership for Children's Health and Environment

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Child Health and the Environment

Type of Resource: Book
Source: Oxford University Press, 2003
Author: Donald T. Wigle

Raising Healthy Children in a Toxic World: 101 Solutions for Every Family

Type of Resource: Book
Source: Rodale, 2001
Author: Phillip Landrigan, Herbert Needleman and Mary Landrigan

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