Children 0 -12

Schools as healthful environments: Prerequisite to comprehensive school health?

Type of Resource: Article
Source: Preventive Medicine, 1993, 22, 499-506
Author: Rudd, R.E. & Chapman Walsh, D

School Health

I Introduction

II Fostering Intersectoral Collaboration for School Health Programs

III The Active Healthy School Communities Initiative

An evidence-based approach to health promoting schools

Type of Resource: Article
Source: The Journal of School Health, 2002, 72(7), 300-302
Author: Lynagh, M., Perkins, J. & Schofield, M

Bridging student health risks and academic achievement through comprehensive school health programs

Type of Resource: Article
Source: Journal of School Health, 1997, 67(6), 220-227
Author: Wolford Symons, C., Cinelli, B., James, T.C., & Groff, P

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