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This week's article is submitted by our very own features editor, Stephanie Lawrence ( It provides an overview of key messages from the June 2009 MyCharityConnects Conference, which was hosted by CanadaHelps and aimed to bridge the technology gap between donors and charities by providing charities with tailored information about online technology.

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Trauma and Addiction--Practical Tools for General Helping Professionals


August 27 & 28, 2009
Glen Williams (near Georgetown), Ontario

This workshop is for frontline workers, program planners or any helping professionals where trauma, loss and unresolved grief are an issue. The workshop is popular with housing support and shelter workers, street outreach, social service workers, social workers, job developers, case managers, drop-in workers, nurses, crisis support and abuse workers, probation & parole officers, release from custody planners, EAP professionals, university and college professors, private therapists, teachers of all kinds.

CH&E Specialist (Health Promotion Consultant), CAMH


Toronto, Ontario
Deadline July 31, 2009

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) is Canada's leading Addiction and Mental Health teaching hospital. CAMH succeeds in transforming the lives of people affected by addiction and mental illness, by applying the latest in scientific advances, through integrated and compassionate clinical practice, health promotion, education and research. CAMH has been recognized internationally as a Pan American Health Organization and World Health Organization Collaborating Centre CAMH is committed to diversity in the workplace.

Print Resources from the 2009 MyCharityConnects Conference


Don't Make Me Think is a book by Steve Krug about human computer interaction and web usability billed as a common sense approach to usability. Krug also has a website at

Made to Stick – Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Stick, by Chip and Dan Heath, tackles the reasons why some ideas thrive while others die and how to improve the chances of worthy ideas. More information is available at

Online Resources from the 2009 MyCharityConnects Conference


MyCharityConnects is CanadaHelps' online resource centre for charities – a website dedicated to connecting charities to the technologies they need to succeed. For fundraisers, marketing and communications people, volunteer coordinators, website gurus, or a combination of any of the above, the site aims to be a one-stop-shop for learning all you need to about Philanthropy 2.0. Slides from the MyCharityConnects conference and recordings of some of the workshops are available at


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