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Youth 13-19

Youth-Led Health Promotion Initiatives


A. Introduction

B. Youth-Led Health Promotion Initiatives - Innovations & Challenges

i) YouthNet/ Reseau Ado, Ottawa

ii) Hamilton Youth Council

iii)Youth Participation Jeunesse

iv) Youth to Youth programs (Ottawa, Toronto)

C. Agencies & Programs Serving & Involving Youth

i) The Youth Centre, Ajax

ii) South Shore Youth Centre, Kingsville

iii)Teen Health Centre, Windsor

iv) OPHEA's ACTION project

v) ARF "Let 'Em Go" Involving & Supporting Youth - Dunnville, Toronto

Community Building Resources -Aim High


c/o Jasper Place High School

#681 8950 - 163 Street Edmonton , Alberta - Canada

(780) 484-9045 Fax: (780) 484-9099


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