The Case for a National Action Plan on Violence Against Women in Canada


I Introduction
II A National Action Plan
III Conclusion
IV Resources

-submitted by Pam Kapoor

A Closer Look at the Mothercraft Ottawa Birth and Parent Companion Program and a Vision for Integrating Doulas into Ontario’s Maternal Child Care System


I Introduction
II Overview
III The Birth and Parent Companion Program
IV Evaluation Potential
V References and Resources

--submitted by Brittany Irvine

Introducing a series of new Maternal and Infant Health Interventions to the Canadian Best Practices Portal


Public Health Agency of Canada’s Canadian Best Practices Portal I Introduction
II Maternal and Infant Health Section
III Maternal and Infant Health Best Practices
IV Conclusion
V Resources

Planning and Integration Specialist, South West Local Health Integration Network

London, Ontario
Deadline August 9, 2012

The South West Local Health Integration Network  (LHIN), is one of 14 local organizations that have been created in Ontario to plan, coordinate and fund local health services, including hospitals, community care access centres (CCACs), long-term care homes, community health centres (CHCs), community support service agencies, and mental health and addictions agencies. The office of the South West LHIN is located in London, Ontario.

Organizations Related to Feature 742

National Abortion Federation

The National Abortion Federation (NAF) is the professional association of abortion providers in North America. NAF currently offers quality training and services to abortion providers and unbiased information and referral services to women.

Canadians for Choice

Access to Abortion Services in Ontario


I Background
II Key Messages about Abortion Services in Ontario
III Collaborating to Improve Abortion Services in Ontario
IV Ongoing efforts to support accessibility
V Conclusions

Local women design evidence-based smoking cessation programs for pregnant and post-partum women in their communities

Echo: Improving Women's Health in Ontario has just released five Echo Advances summarizing the adaptation of smoking cessation best practices for pregnant and post-partum women to local needs. 

You can read them at http://www.echo-ontario.ca./what-we-do/how-echo-facilitates-stewardship/....


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