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This week's feature from Andrea Kita and Jodi Thesenvitz of The Health Communication Unit provides an overview of social media and ideas for its use by health promoters.

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Educational Opportunities Related to Feature 676


Overview of New Media Workshop

The Health Communication Unit, in partnership with Health Nexus, developed a workshop to explore social media and discuss information and ideas about a wide range of social media tools. These tools can help make health promotion work more effective, easier, and possibly even more fun including blogs, wikis, YouTube, Face book, instant messaging, Survey Monkey, online conferencing or Google's wide array of online tools.

Social Media Overview


I        Canadians are online: retrieving and creating online content
II       What is social media?
III      The impact of social media
IV      Health promotion in a social media world
V       The role of social media in behavior change
VI      Overview of social media tools
VII     Conclusion
VIII    References

--Submitted by Andrea Kita and Jodi Thesenvitz on behalf of The Health Communication Unit (THCU)

New Resource--Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice, Inquiries for Hope and Change


This groundbreaking text introduces an emerging and rapidly growing field with a dynamic collection of illustrative articles featuring artists, leading academics, health researchers, nurse educators, physicians, educators, environmentalists and others who actively use the creative arts in interdisciplinary practice for hope and change. Readers will learn how the creative arts can offer unique opportunities to embody and re-illuminate the human story, stage human vulnerability, foster citizenship and give voice to narratives of human experience.

New Web Series--25 Key Health Promotion Resources from Health Nexus


At Health Nexus, we’re celebrating our 25th year with several events, including a monthly series of 25 ideas to help service providers in their work.

Our most recent edition listed 25 key health promotion resources. Upcoming editions will focus on 25 things you should know about Franco-Ontarian communities; physical activity & young children; and the determinants of health.

Healthy Communities and Chronic Disease Prevention Project and Survey


The Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition (OHCC) is collaborating with three other provincial healthy community networks on a national project called “Healthy Communities: An Approach to Action on the Determinants of Health in Canada”. The goal of the project is to demonstrate that using a Healthy Community approach is an effective way to address chronic disease prevention in Canada.

The aims of the project are to:

September 2010 Features at the IDM Best Practices Website


September 2010 features for the website IDM Best Practices for health promotion, public health and population health, at, include

  • Profile of Kara DeCorby (McMaster University, Canada)
  • Reflection by Kara DeCorby: Using Evidence in a Best Practices Approach
  • Jottings by website editor Barbara Kahan: Ignoring the Social Determinants of Health at Our Peril, a Mini-Screen Play
  • Resource of the Month: Making Evidence Work for You


Senior Analyst, Hospital Reports, CIHI


Toronto, Ontario
Deadline September 22, 2010

Every day, CIHI contributes to improving Canada's health system and the health of Canadians through the collection and analysis of information. At the heart of this work is our winning team of highly skilled, knowledgeable professionals who care about making a difference. CIHI makes it a priority to understand and celebrate the contribution of each and every one of our talented and dedicated staff members.

Location: Toronto
Range Minimum:    $59,700

Job Summary:


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