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Welcome, subscribers, to our 700th issue of the Ontario Health Promotion E-Bulletin!

In 2003, in celebration of OHPE's 400th issue, I wrote "I would personally like to thank all of our contributors, writers, and subscribers. When I meet readers in person, they often say 'N. Gadon? You send me an email every Friday!' It seems that our readers feel a personal connection with us, and to me this means that the OHPE is doing its job."

Now, in 2011, I would like to thank again our always growing community of contributors, writers, and readers. Despite my personal move from full-time work and part-time school to full-time graduate school and part-time work with the bulletin, I still meet health promotion practitioners who recognize N-Dot-Gadon! More importantly, despite all the changes in our world and work, I still meet people who look forward to the OHPE every week and value our contribution to connecting health promoters in Ontario and across the globe.

Below, Alison Stirling, originator of our weekly newsletter, lets us know what she's thinking--700 issues and nearly 14 years since the OHPE's first appearance in your in-boxes.

-- Noelle (

700--seven hundred weekly e-bulletin issues feel like an enormous number! It is 14 years, 165 months, more than 12,000 entries in the OHPE web-database (news, jobs, features, resources) and a growth from an initial 110 subscribers in May 1997 to 6130 subscribers today. The numbers do not tell the story of what has made the Ontario Health Promotion Email Bulletin come together, grow, change and what it is today. It is the people and the partnership behind OHPE that I want to celebrate.

When the OHPE Bulletin started in early 1997, there was no long-term plan, only a desire to offer an electronic bridge to the wealth of health promotion information. Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse (now Health Nexus) together with The Health Communication Unit at the Centre for Health Promotion sent out the first issue, saying:

"This is an experiment. You define its value, its content, and its reach. New approaches and information sharing technologies emerge continually on the Internet. We invite your exploration of the possibilities."(

The "experiment" has succeeded, thanks to all who have contributed and to the editorial team who have supported OHPE as volunteers and staff. I raise a congratulatory toast to:
* Noelle Gadon, our one-day/week editor who was involved from the start as a THCU editorial team member;

* Our feature editors, Stephanie Lawrence, previously Rebecca Byers, Karly Holmes and Bonnie Heath, who have coordinated features and resources for more than five years.

* Jodi Thesenvitz, Larry Hershfield and other THCU staff guiding the editorial team in planning, evaluation, promotion/communications and so much more;

* And thanks to Robyn Kalda at Health Nexus /OPC who has led the tech infrastructure, the vision, and day-to-day operations for OHPE.

We are at a turning point for OHPE. The 14 year partnership will change as THCU products and services are provided by the Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion (OAHPP) as of April 1, 2011. OAHPP’s Communications Unit will become the new partner with Health Nexus to produce the bulletin. We’ll keep everyone posted as we evolve.

-- Alison Stirling, Health Nexus.

We always welcome your feedback on all of our feature articles--including topics you'd like to see--news about old colleagues and new colleagues, and comments on our newsletter and searchable database of health promotion information. Read our complete submission guidelines at and write to


Integrated Marketing Communication for Behavioral Impact in Health and Social Development, New York University


New York, New York
July 10-30, 2011

This three week course is designed for Health and social development professionals who have the responsibility for designing, supervising or managing health education and other IEC/social mobilization programs to achieve specific behavioral goals. Prior communication training is not required for this Institute

New York University's Integrated Marketing Communication for Behavioral Impact in Health and Social Development (IMC/COMBI) in held in cooperation with Dr. Everold Hosein of the World Health Organization.

Ontario Healthy Schools Coalition 10th Annual Forum


Sudbury, Ontario
May 12-13, 2011

Holiday Inn Hotel, 1696 Regent Street

Registration is now open for the OHSC 10th Annual Forum!

This year's theme is Resiliency and the School Community.  Speakers include author Joseph Boyden, Dr Wayne Hammond and Olympic Athlete Waneek Horn-Miller.

Cost: $200 for 2 days or $100 for 1 day (includes Gala)

Registration forms and information can be found at, under "What's New." 

2011 Complete Streets Forum, Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation's Annual Policy Forum


Toronto, Ontario
April 28 and 29, 2011 

Hart House, University of Toronto

The 2011 Complete Streets Forum is the annual policy conference of the Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation, a project of the Clean Air Partnership.

Why? To explore best practices, share ideas and success stories, and showcase research and technical solutions on how to better plan, design, and implement Complete Streets for everyone (including pedestrians and cyclists) that contribute to healthy, active communities

The Mysterious World of Eating Disorders, Bellwood Health Services


Toronto, Ontario
April 28, 2011

Best Western Roehampton Hotel & Suites, 808 Mount Pleasant Road, (north west corner of Eglinton & Mt. Pleasant)

7:00-9:00 p.m.

This free presentation will be of interest and practical help to those affected by an eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia, or compulsive overeating), families and friends, educators, the general public, and anyone working with individuals struggling with an eating disorder.

Webinar to Showcase Youth Engagement Project and Resources, Ontario Public Health Association


April 14 & April 21, 2011

10:00-11:30 a.m. 

In February 2009, OPHA received Health Canada funding to lead a provincial Youth Engagement Project. Working closely with six pilot sites throughout Ontario, OPHA assisted with local youth engagement initiatives and developed tools and resources for organizations to use when working with youth, including a comprehensive toolkit and networking website!

Building a Plan for Workplace Wellness, Region of Peel’s 2011 Workplace Wellness Symposium


Mississauga, Ontario
April 5, 2011

8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Mississauga Convention Centre

Learn from Peel Public Health staff and other workplace experts about how to build an effective and sustainable workplace wellness program.
Robert Harris, MBA, CHRP, rofessional speaker, trainer, author and consultant, will help you:

Community Engagement for Comprehensive Tobacco Control, Program Training and Consultation Centre


Toronto, Ontario
March 31, 2011

Toronto Metro Hall, 55 John Street, 3rd Floor, Room 302

8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. (sign-in begins at 8:00)

Community Engagement for Comprehensive Tobacco Control is a one-day workshop for professionals to strengthen community capacity to provide effective tobacco interventions.

Mental Health Promotion in Action, CAMH


Kenora, Ontario
March 30, 2011

9:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m. (CST)
Best Western Lakeside Inn (470 1st Avenue South)

Mental health promotion builds on strengths, empowers individuals, families and communities, creating comprehensive support systems and environments in which positive mental health can thrive. There are a number of evidence-based and best practices mental health promotion programming and research to build from.

Strategic Planner, Ontario Public Works, CMOH Office


Toronto, Ontario
Deadline March 25, 2011

The Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) plays a critical and strategic role in leading Ontario's public health system. In addition to providing expertise in public health and disease prevention, the CMOH fulfills legislated obligations and is a catalyst for the integration of public health across government.
We have an exciting opportunity for a Strategic Planner to lead multiple, concurrent and high profile public health projects.

In this role, you will:


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