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Multi-Cultural Communities

The Heart Health Sustainability Model


A. Introduction

B. The Concept of Sustainability and the HHRC Sustainability Model

i. The General Concept of Sustainability

ii. The Four Components of the HHRC Sustainability Model

C. Transferable Concepts Between all Four Components of the HHRC

Sustainability Model

i. Diffusion

ii. Leadership

iii. Resource Considerations

D. Component of Sustainability -- The Issue

i. Definition

ii. Key Concepts

iii. Suggested Projected Results

iv. Factors

E. Component of Sustainability -- The Programs

F. Components of Sustainability -- The Behaviour Changes

G. Components of Sustainability -- The Partnership

H. For more information

Developing an Accessible Organization


A) Introduction

B) Developing an Accessible Organization

C) Questions to Consider

D) Sources of Data and Information

E) Conclusion and Contact Information

F) See OHPE #94.2 for Resources


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