Children See. Children Learn.


I Introduction
II Background
III Campaign Strategies
IV Events
V Key Organizations
VI Positive Discipline Parenting Programs
VII References

--Submitted by Louise Choquette, Bilingual Health Promotion Consultant, Best Start Resource Centre, Health Nexus

I Introduction

Parenting, Child Development, and Substance Abuse


I Introduction
II Parenting style
III Love hormone
IV Being interested in your teenager’s life; Child Welfare system
V Parents’ substance use impacts teens
VI Conclusion and key learnings
VII Resources
VIII References

--Submitted by Seher Shafiq, Parent Action on Drugs

I Introduction

Building Healthy Child Development: The Experiences of Parents in Peel – A study by the Peel Children and Youth Initiative (PCYI)


I Introduction
II Methods
III Key Findings: Preliminary Research Questions
IV Next Steps for the Research
V Other Research and Resources

Smoke-free Multi-Unit Dwellings--A Priority for Public Health Action


I Introduction
II Smoke-free Homes and Comprehensive Tobacco Control
III Smoke-free Multi-Unit Housing in Ontario
IV The Role of Local Public Health Departments
V Leadership Examples
VI Conclusion
VII Additional Resources
VII References

Planning and Integration Specialist, South West Local Health Integration Network

London, Ontario
Deadline August 9, 2012

The South West Local Health Integration Network  (LHIN), is one of 14 local organizations that have been created in Ontario to plan, coordinate and fund local health services, including hospitals, community care access centres (CCACs), long-term care homes, community health centres (CHCs), community support service agencies, and mental health and addictions agencies. The office of the South West LHIN is located in London, Ontario.

Organizations and Programs Related to Feature 705

Program Training and Consultation Centre

The Program Training and Consultation Centre offers many downloadable resources on tobacco and second-hand smoke.

Peer support within a health care context: a concept analysis

Type of Resource: Book
Source: (2003) International Journal of Nursing Studies, 40, 321-332
Author: Dennis, C.L.

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