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Effectiveness of a violence prevention curriculum among children in elementary school. A randomized controlled trial


Type of Resource: Article
Source: JAMA, (1997) 277(20), 1605-1611.
Author: Grossman, D., Neckerman, H., et. al.

Linking Mind, Body & Spirit with Community Life in Health Promotion


The Deep Healing Initiative & Civic Renewal - Barrie CHC

A. Introduction

B. The Deep Healing Initiative

i) Spirit/Nature/Universe

ii) Family/Community/Work

iii) Individual/Lifestyle/Mindfulness

iv) Whole Life Review & Still Point Program

v) Civic Participation & Renewal

C. Barrie Civic Renewal Project

i) Civic Renewal School Project

ii) Index of Civic Health

iii)Civic Media Project

iv) Civics Forum

D. References


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