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Food Security


OHPE Bulletin #21.1 September 19, 1997

A. Breakfast Programs for Children - A Critique

B. Related Programs & Resources

1. Canadian Living Foundation Community Partners

2. Food Security Resources

a) Healthy Food, Healthy Communities

b) FoodShare

c) Food for Now & the Future

d) Building Food Security in Canada

3. Health Inequalities Discussion Paper

Health Promotion Training & Education Programs - 1997


OHPE Bulletin #19.1 September 5, 1997

Health Promotion Training & Education Programs


A. Summer Schools on Health Promotion

1. The 1997 Ontario HP Summer School, Ottawa

2. The 4th Ontario HP Summer School - Francophone Cours D'été En Promotion De La Santé De L'ontario 1997 - Composante Francophone

3. The 1998 Ontario HP Summer School, Toronto

4. Prairie Region HP Summer School, Saskatoon

5. The PEI HP Summer Institute, Charlottetown

6. The UBC Institute for HP Research Summer School

B. Health Promotion Programs in Ontario Colleges & Universities

1. Brock University, Dept. of Health Studies

2. Lakehead University, Faculty of Nursing

3. University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine

4. University of Toronto

i) Graduate Dept. of Community Health - HP Program

ii) Faculty of Nursing

iii) School of Physical & Health Education

5. University of Waterloo, Dept. of Health Studies & Gerontology

6. Canadore College, Health Promotion Post-Diploma Distance Ed. Program

C. National Francophone Network For Health Promotion Continuing Education

Réseau Francophone Canadien De Formation Continue En Promotion De La Santé


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