Targeted Implementation of NutriSTEP® in Ontario: Lessons in Community Research


I Introduction – What is NutriSTEP®?
II Implementation of Nutritional Risk Screening
III Lessons Learned
IV References

--written by Michelle Manarina, an intern at the Nutrition Resource Centre and a graduate student in Public Health Nutrition at the University of California, Berkeley; submitted by Lee Rysdale, MEd, RD, Program Coordinator, Nutrition Resource Centre, Ontario Public Health Association

Halting the obesity epidemic: A public health policy approach

 Nestle, M. and Jacobson, M.F. (Jan/Feb 2000).Public Health Reports, Vol. 115, 12-25.

"The paper, "Halting the Obesity Epidemic: A Public Health Policy Approach," urges legislators, researchers, educators, businesses, urban planners, transportation experts, and nonprofit groups to approach obesity in a more creative way and to take immediate action. Specific recommendations include:
* Mounting large scale mass-media campaigns to promote healthier diets and physical activity;

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Healthy Schools

Community Food Security: A Role for Public Health and Health Promoters

I Introduction and Definition of Community Food Security (CFS)

II CFS and Public Health

III Community Partnerships and Strategies for CFS

IV Conclusion

V References and Further Reading

- by Ellen Desjardins, MHSc., RD, Chair, OPHA Food Security Work Group

Based on the OPHA (Ontario Public Health Association) position paper, "A Systemic Approach to Community Food Security: A Role for Public Health" (available at

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Why food policy is critical to public health

 Coveney, J. (2003). Editorial, Critical Public Health, Vol. 13, No.2, pp.99-105.

This editorial on the importance of studying food policy in public health is available at the above URL.

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