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Cancer Care Ontario's *Take 5: 5-10 a day...your way* Vegetable and Fruit Behaviour Change Intervention

I Introduction
II The Take 5 Program
III Piloting Take 5
IV Evaluating Take 5
V Learning From Take 5
VI Next Steps
VII References

--by Lise Smedmor, MEd, RD, Communication Consultant to the Nutrition Resource Centre's *Take 5: 5-10 a day, your way* Transition Project

Based on the report, "Evaluation of a Vegetable and Fruit Behavioural Intervention: *Take 5: 5-10 a day...your way* Results from Twelve Pilot Sites in Ontario" prepared by Myrna Wright and Melody Roberts, Cancer Care Ontario, and Harry Cummings and Associates

An ecological study of the relationship between social and environmental determinants of obesity

Type of Resource: Article
Source: (2002). Health and Place, 8, 141-145
Author: Reidpath, D., Burns, C., Garrard, J., Mahoney, M., & Townsend, M

School Health

I Introduction

II Fostering Intersectoral Collaboration for School Health Programs

III The Active Healthy School Communities Initiative

A Diner's Club Manual for Seniors 60+

Type of Resource: Report
Source: Mary Belnap, c/o Canon Davis Memorial Anglican Church, 378 Russell St. North, Sarnia, Ontario, N7T 6S6, Tel: (519) 337-2556 (1995)
Author: Mary Belnap, Canon Davis Memorial Anglican Church and Dianne Sprenger, St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church

Letter from Canada: Paradigms, politics, and principles

Type of Resource: Article
Source: (2001) Health Promotion International; 16 99-01
Author: Raphael, Dennis

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