Increasing the focus on system-level policies and programs for cancer prevention: Cancer Care Ontario’s 2016 Prevention System Quality Index


I  Introduction
II Development and structure of the report
III Reducing the prevalence of cancer risk factors and exposures at the system level
IV Key findings and opportunities
V How the report can be used
VI Resources
VII References

Submitted by Maria Chu, Senior Policy Specialist, and Caroline Silverman, Lead, Population Health and Prevention, Cancer Care Ontario

I Introduction

Planning and Integration Specialist, South West Local Health Integration Network

London, Ontario
Deadline August 9, 2012

The South West Local Health Integration Network  (LHIN), is one of 14 local organizations that have been created in Ontario to plan, coordinate and fund local health services, including hospitals, community care access centres (CCACs), long-term care homes, community health centres (CHCs), community support service agencies, and mental health and addictions agencies. The office of the South West LHIN is located in London, Ontario.

CBCN Report: Financial and Workplace Impact of a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Groundbreaking Canadian Research Reveals Financial and Workplace Impact of a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

80 per cent of women experienced a financial impact; 16 per cent had their jobs terminated

Cancer Care Ontario's *Take 5: 5-10 a day...your way* Vegetable and Fruit Behaviour Change Intervention

I Introduction
II The Take 5 Program
III Piloting Take 5
IV Evaluating Take 5
V Learning From Take 5
VI Next Steps
VII References

--by Lise Smedmor, MEd, RD, Communication Consultant to the Nutrition Resource Centre's *Take 5: 5-10 a day, your way* Transition Project

Based on the report, "Evaluation of a Vegetable and Fruit Behavioural Intervention: *Take 5: 5-10 a day...your way* Results from Twelve Pilot Sites in Ontario" prepared by Myrna Wright and Melody Roberts, Cancer Care Ontario, and Harry Cummings and Associates

Review of Nutrition Interventions for Cancer Prevention Full Report

 "In December of 1999 the Prevention Unit within the Division of Preventive Oncology at Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) put out a request for proposals for a review of the literature on nutrition interventions and the primary prevention of cancer. The purpose of this review is to recommend best practices to support planning for food and nutrition interventions in the areas of programming, policy and media.

Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division

1639 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario M4T 2W6
Tel: (416) 488-5400 or toll-free at 1 800 268-8874
Fax: (416) 488-2872
 "The Canadian Cancer Society is a national, community-based organization of volunteers whose mission is the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer." [from Our mission, vision and values,,2939,3543_427280__langId-en,00.html].

Letters to the Editor & Comings and Goings, December 2003

I Introduction

II Letters in Response to 338.1, "Colorectal Cancer: Why Is Screening Important?"

III Comings & Goings

Colorectal Cancer: Why Is Screening Important?

I Introduction
II What is Colorectal Cancer?
III Who Is At Risk?
IV Available Screening Tools
V Preventive Efforts
VI Applications to Practice

--Karen Parsons, MSc (App), RD, Study Coordinator for Colon Cancer Screening Study at Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Sciences Centre

Improving the Management of Colorectal Cancer

The Cancer Quality Council of Ontario has published the proceedings from its first annual signature event on quality improvement in colorectal cancer. The event, held in June 2003, consisted of a working meeting that brought together clinical practice leaders, policy makers, health care administrators managers, patient advocates and patients to focus on quality improvement strategies for the control of colorectal cancer. A major focus of the meeting was the significant gains that could be achieved through screening and early detection of this disease.

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