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OHPE Bulletin 4, Volume 1997, No. 4

It has been a busy, if short week as will be reflected in the contents of this bulletin. Again, there will be three messages in this bulletin. This message features two exciting developments at the Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse - this OHPE bulletin now has a 'home' for the archives on the Internet, and an announcement of new positions at the pilot of a National Population Health Clearinghouse. In the next message - Bulletin #4.1 - there is a special feature on Ontario-based organizations working on children's well-being, as advocacy coalitions and as community demonstration projects. And in a final flourish - Bulletin 4.2 is a fairly long and full compilation of announcements and resources!

Your feedback would be appreciated on the evolving format for this Bulletin.

Is it too long, too short or 'just right'?

Are there sections that you would like to see added, or taken away?

Is there content that you would like to see?

Are there questions you would like to see posted - or any questions about the Bulletin?

Please send an e-mail to either: or

NEWS FLASH! OHPE is on the Internet!

New, and old, readers of the Ontario Health Promotion Bulletin may want to take a look at the online archive of previous issues. Access to this archive requires world wide web access from the Internet *AND* a java-enabled browser.

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[Helpful hints from Simon Mielniczuk]