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OHPE Bulletin 164, Volume 2000, No. 164

OHPE Bulletin #164.2 July 11, 2000.

The resources in this message provide further information and links to the organizations, reports and conferences referred to in the feature "Are We Making Progress in Health & Social Development?". Most of these links come from the correspondance, reports and websites of the Ontario Social Development Council and the Quality of Life Index project. They were compiled and edited by Alison Stirling of OPC.

OHPE #164.1 & 164.2, our feature and resources messages, will be published early next week.

Our July 21st feature & resources will be provided by Penney Kirby, Content Development Specialist at the Canadian Health Network. Penney will provide an overview of how to find high quality Canadian health promotion resources through the Canadian Health Network Web site.

The OHPE bulletin is also planning a feature on Workplace Health Promotion. We'd like to hear from local health units about their experiences - email Alison Stirling