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OHPE Bulletin 354, Volume 2004, No. 354

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that due to the Good Friday holiday, that week's issue will be distributed on April 8 and all submissions must be received by April 7 at 5:00 p.m.

This week's feature is on self-help and voluntarism from Roya Rabbani, executive director of the Self-Help Resource Centre. In her introduction she writes, ". From the early to late 20th century there was a move from disorganized and individual-based charity to more organized and state-based social welfare and then to a combination of state-based, volunteer-based, and community-based interventions. (Graff, 1998; Gordon and Neal, 1997) This last trend mixes state and voluntary organizations with people's involvement in making decisions and taking care of their own needs. More and more people are developing, revitalizing, and joining groups that have components of decision making, action taking, and friend making."

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