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OHPE Bulletin 360, Volume 2004, No. 360

We were saddened by the death on April 10, 2004, of Dr. Dan Offord, child psychiatrist and advocate for healthy child development. His work was inspirational to the creation of Best Start and to Better Beginnings, Better Futures. For more information about the life of Dr. Offord, please visit and

This week's feature is from Best Start. Wendy Burgoyne writes about the development of their new alcohol and pregnancy campaign, which launches this month: "The main objective of the campaign is to increase awareness about the fact that, when it comes to alcohol and pregnancy, there is no safe time, no safe amount, and no safe kind of alcohol."

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Finally, our congratulations to Dr. Barb Riley, who has been awarded the prestigious Dr. Andres Petrasovits Fellowship in Health Policy Research. For more details on this award, please visit