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OHPE Bulletin 363, Volume 2004, No. 363

A virus was sent out to the OHPE-L list on May 26 appearing to be from the address It had the subject heading Incoming Message. Please delete this message immediately. DO NOT OPEN the attachment. For information on this virus, please visit!ra....

While none of our OHPE-related machines are actually infected, this mass mailing worm (which randomly chooses a fake "from" address from an infected person's email address book) hit on the unfortunate combination of the OHPE list address and one of the three admin addresses that are authorized to send to that list.

Our apologies for this occurrence. Unfortunately, as most of you know from personal experience, it is nearly impossible to completely avoid these virus messages. However, we are looking at our list management options and will do all we can to prevent this from happening in the future.

If you have any questions, please let me know at

In an unrelated event, the computer which stores OHPE submissions suffered a hard drive failure on May 24. If you submitted something to the OHPE and it did not appear last week or this week, please resend your email to

This week, in OHPE 363.1, we have a letter to the editor, some comings and goings, and a request for your assistance in compiling election resources.