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9 December 2016 - OHPE Bulletin 961, Volume 2016, No. 961

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Fellow health promoters, it was almost exactly a month ago that Donald Trump became US President elect. We feel it is important to acknowledge that this is far from good news. His lack of concern or regard for the environment, for diversity among US residents, for science, and for truth may have devastating results for health -- mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual -- in the US and beyond.

What can we do as Canadian health promoters?

We can keep doing the sometimes invisible but always important, essential work of health promotion; this is the work that creates the kind of society we hope will help prevent a similarly dangerous person from being elected here. Let's keep working on the social determinants of health and continue to work towards a Canada where all residents lead good lives free of fear and without the kind of social isolationism Trump espouses. Let's work on system change to prevent discrimination and call it out when it does happen. Let's keep working to reduce inequality and promote opportunity so that people can be their best selves. Let's welcome our newcomers and help people see the strength in our terrific diversity.

In short: let's keep doing what we always do as health promoters.

Here's to all of you and all of your sometimes invisible but always essential work.

-- the OHPE team

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