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Films Related to OHPE 593

Films are available from the Stephen Lewis Foundation at including

  • A Generation of Orphans (2007)--A half-hour documentary that gives voice to six orphans in Africa and the grassroots organizations working valiantly on their behalf.
  • Gathering of Grandmothers (2007)--An 80-minute video that highlights sessions from the Grandmothers' Gathering that took place in Toronto in August 2006. Intended for use by grandmothers' groups as a resource for those who were not able to attend, the video includes testimonials and workshops led by African and Canadian grandmothers.
  • Grandmothers: The Unsung Heroes of Africa (2006)--A half-hour film highlighting the crucial role grandmothers play in caring for AIDS orphans and in holding their families and communities together.

A Grandmother's Tribe (2008)--A film that captures the lives of two Kenyan grandmothers who have stepped into the void after the loss of their own children to raise their young grandchildren. From Borderless Productions at

The Great Granny Revolution (2007) - An uplifting story about the bonds of friendship between women and the power of individuals to make a difference. The Wakefield Grannies, 12 Canadian women, offer moral and financial support to a group of Gogos (grandmothers), raising AIDS-orphaned grandchildren, in South Africa's Alexandra Township.  From Rooney Productions at