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Addictions Expert Examines Link Between Eating Compulsively and Addiction--Addictions Unplugged: Food Addictions

Oshawa, Ontario
January 24, 2010

8:15 a.m-1:15 p.m.
Durham College Science Building, Room UA1120

Eating compulsively (example, comfort eating) has not medically been viewed as an Addiction Disorder, but should it be? To better understand how to treat this malady, we must first understand how food and eating affects our bodies and our minds.

During this workshop, we will look at how we become addicted to substances such as drugs and alcohol and if eating problematically leads us down the same path. We will draw comparisons between drug addiction and alcoholism to eating disorders and compulsive eating to better understand this illness. Learn how food addiction is just like any other drug.

Dr. Vera Tarman, MD. FCFP, CASAM, M.Sc. will be addressing issues and answering questions surrounding this topic, including:

  • How and why we become addicted
  • The process that hijacks our brain in regards to eating disorders and compulsive eatingHow our brain works in our fear and pleasure centres
  • How to unplug ourselves

For more information please visit: or contact Lorraine Johnson at [email protected].