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Master Trainer Workshops from Towards Evidence-Informed Practice

Are you concerned about….

  1. Meeting OPHS Foundational Standard requirements for program evaluation and knowledge exchange?
  2. Building organizational capacity for evidence-informed practice?
  3. Accessing field-tested tools, training and ongoing support – FREE*?

What are Master Trainer Workshops?

  • Full-day, onsite training tailored to your organization
  • Train-the-trainer approach to facilitate organizational development
  • Choice of 3 workshops focusing on use of Evidence, Evaluation and Program Assessment

Since 2005, TEIP has worked with public health researchers, knowledge exchange experts and front-line practitioners to develop and field-test practical tools for evidence-informed practice. Independent evaluations demonstrate that use of TEIP Tools builds practitioner motivation, confidence and skills for evidence-informed practice.

Workshops alone do not build organizational capacity. Management must commit to providing ongoing training and supports. Master Trainer Workshops are your first step in building those organizational supports.

Time is running out! Workshops are only available until March 31, 2010.

For further information on bringing these workshops to your organization, visit or contact [email protected].  To learn more about TEIP and TEIP Tools visit

Support for TEIP Master Trainer Workshops is provided by the Ministry of Health Promotion, Ontario Stroke System.