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RFP--Development of a Communications Strategy and Website for the African and Black Diaspora Global Network On HIV and AIDS (AB-DGN)

Toronto, Ontario
Deadline March 29, 2010


The AB-DGN are seeking proposals from qualified professionals, organizations or teams who are well-versed in strategic communications planning for diverse international non-profit agencies/networks/stakeholders. The selected candidate(s) will work closely with the AB-DGN’s Program Coordinator and Governing Council to develop a comprehensive 3 year communications strategy that includes the development and launch of a functional, user-friendly resource-based website.


The African and Black Diaspora Global Network on HIV and AIDS (AB-DGN), was launched at the International AIDS Conference held in Toronto, Canada in 2006 to highlight the issues affecting African and Black migrant populations in their countries of destination, and to advocate and support the development and implementation of a coordinated global response, which is informed by evidence of best practices and research emerging from various countries. The mission of the AB-DGN is to strengthen the response to emerging HIV and AIDS epidemics, associated stigmas and discrimination among African/Black communities in the Diasporas using a rights-based approach. The governing council of the network has representatives from 9 diverse international organizations/networks based in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and the Caribbean. We envisage that as a unified “network of networks”, we will share community experiences of triumph, hope and success and together build effective responses to address the multiple impacts of HIV and AIDS on the lives of African/Black people living in the Diasporas.

In November of 2009 the AB-DGN convened its Governing Council to develop a strategic plan (informed by a range of key stakeholder groups including researchers, policy makers, and service providers at the country, regional and global levels) which identified several strategic priorities for the next three years. The three strategic priorities identified at that planning meeting were to:

  • continue “Strengthening the networks infrastructure” to facilitate our ability to respond to the needs of targeted populations,
  • to demonstrate Leadership in research related to African and Black populations in the Diaspora
  • to “Become the lead global voice on HIV/AIDS concerns of African and Black populations in the Diaspora

One of the key objectives to achieve these strategic directions is the development of a global-based communications strategy, with an emphasis on external communications, website development and outreach to targeted stakeholders and communities that addresses the cultural and language diversities of our networks.

Work And Deliverables

The successful contractor will review all relevant network documents including the 3 year strategic and implementation plan and:

  1. Together with the AB-DGN Project Coordinator and Governing Council, develop a 3 year communication strategy that provides a framework which supports the achievement of the AB-DGN strategic priorities. .
  2. Develop and launch a functional user-friendly website for the AB-DGN as a medium to promote the activities of the network, build our member database, and serve as a virtual clearinghouse for disseminating/sharing of information and resources for our target communities and stakeholders.
  3. Conduct data gathering and analysis activities to determine best and promising practices for the development and implementation of the communication strategy and website plan in the context of the global HIV/AIDS sector
  4. Recommend communication strategies, approaches and tools appropriate for the network, our member agencies, and existing financial/human resources
  5. Develop a communication implementation plan with prioritized initiatives, benchmarks and evaluation measures
  6. Develop key messaging and branding opportunities that capture the vision and values of the network to be incorporated in its public relations materials and activities.
  7. Submission of a detailed overall workplan, budget and timelines for the completion of activities.
  8. Submission of a final report with recommendations on expansion of the membership, potential outreach opportunities, maximization of the website, and continued promotion of the network at regional and international levels.

Proposal Guidelines

Interested consultants should submit a proposal, no longer than 4 pages; outlining the process they would follow to achieve the stated. The proposal should contain a detailed work plan, timeline, budget and a statement describing how your experience and skills set will ensure successful project outcomes. A current CV and 3 references should be attached as an appendix to the proposal submission. Relevant materials will be made available to prospective consultants on request.

Timeframe and Guidelines

  1. Deadline for Proposal is March 29th, 2010 by 5:00pm EST
  2. Contract will be awarded on April 6th 2010
  3. The successful candidate must be available to begin work on this project by April 9th 2010
  4. Detailed strategic communication plan due May 28th, 2010
  5. The total budget available for this project is $18,000 and the consultancy is expected to be completed by July 31st, 2010
  6. Provide guidance and advice in implementing the communication plan for a time period of two months after the completion and approval of the communication strategy

If you are interested in being considered for this consultancy please send your proposal via email with “Consultant, Communication Strategy Plan Development – AB-DGN International Project” in the subject line to: [email protected].

Submission should be addressed to:

Michelle Osbourne
Administration Manager
Women’s Health in Women’s Hands CHC
2 Carlton Street, Suite 500
Toronto, Ontario  M5B 1J3