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Organizations Related to Feature Article 654

Heart and Stroke Foundation works in the areas of cardiovascular research and its application, promotion of healthy living, and advocacy. Its website includes a variety of resources including Shaping Active, Healthy Communities – A Heart and Stroke Foundation built environment toolkit for change available at  The Heart and Stroke position statement on the built environment is available at

Ontario Professional Planners Institute provides leadership on policy related to planning, development, the environment and related issues.

The Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) is a collaborative national federation that advances professional planning excellence through the delivery of membership and public services in Canada and abroad.

Smart Growth BC is a non-governmental organization devoted to fiscally, socially and environmentally responsible land use and development. It works throughout the province with community groups, businesses, developers, planners, municipalities and the public to create more livable communities in British Columbia.

The Ontario Smart Growth Network brings together organizations that are working to stop urban sprawl and promote sustainable, compact and healthy communities across Ontario. Its goals are to stop urban sprawl; foster healthy communities; and support community involvement in planning. The network is part of a broader North American smart growth movement involving national, provincial and state-wide organizations as well as local community organizations.