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New Resource--Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Healthy Weights Guideline for Chronic Disease Prevention

Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) has developed the Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, and Healthy Weights Guideline for Public Health in Ontario - the first time a cancer agency in Canada has established public health guidelines for the primary prevention of cancer and other chronic disease. The intent of this guideline is to provide specific and actionable recommendations that will enable public health and other professionals working in chronic disease prevention to make decisions about the provision of programs and resources for the promotion of healthy eating and physical activity. The Guideline, which was developed to complement the 2008 Ontario Public Health Standards (OPHS), provides recommendations developed using evidence from the public health literature and/or the expert opinion of the Guideline Development Group (GDG), and in consultation with a broad range of involved stakeholders. CCO’s Program in Evidence-Based Care (PEBC) managed the guideline development process. The guideline served as a starting point for the production of Guidance Documents developed by the Ministry of Health Promotion providing more specific details on tools and strategies that could be applied successfully in Ontario.

The Guideline’s summary and full report is available at: