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Health Canada Headlines from March 2010

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For the most recent headlines from Health Canada, visit

  1. Health Canada response to "Caffeine in juice bad move" (Edmonton Journal, Letter to the Editor, March 24, 2010)
  2. Government of Canada Releases Draft Assessments for 17 Substances included in the Chemicals Management Plan
  3. Health Canada Completes Safety Assessment of Caffeine use in Non-Cola Beverages
  4. Health Canada Reminds Parents and Caregivers to Take Steps to Prevent Unintentional Poisoning
  5. Health Canada Launches the Translated Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide for First Nations, Inuit and Métis in Four Aboriginal Languages
  6. Government of Canada Completes Assessments for 14 Additional Substances under the Chemicals Management Plan
  7. Government of Canada Supports Improvements to the Postgraduate Medical Education System
  8. Government of Canada Launches Environmental Health Guide