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Public Space/Community Arts Internships, Sustainable Thinking and Expression on Public Space Initiative

Toronto, Ontario
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Passionate about public space, community arts or citizen/youthi mpowerment? Apply that passion in a meaningful way!

The Sustainable Thinking and Expression on Public Space (STEPS) Initiative, a collaborative effort that aims to promote sustainable and community-centred public spaces by engaging inspiring and creative organizations, informal collectives and individuals committed to using art as a medium for dialogue on liberating the urban commons, is building a team of creative and enterprising individuals with a willingness to work collaboratively in a diverse range of advisory, research, communications and creative roles.

Through a participatory consultation process, STEPS is connecting public space enthusiasts to facilitate effective collaboration and the development of accessible, arts-based, knowledge exchange tools that promote citizen empowerment and community capacity building. Environmental arts activists are being interviewed and are invited to contribute to the development of a series of best practices for public space activism as well as a public engagement strategy to facilitate the dissemination of a number of innovative resources and educational tools. The STEPS participatory consultation will inform the role, framework and next steps of an international network of environmental arts activists.

At this time, all internships are unpaid, though there is the possibility for incumbents to receive academic credit, if their educational institution recognizes the placement as fulfilling a course requirement. Interns will be recognized in all final products of the STEPS Initiative, which will be widely circulated to a transnational audience. Upon successful completion of internship terms, incumbents will also receive letters of recognition acknowledging their contributions.

The STEPS Initiative is currently accepting applications for the following positions:

  • Community Consultation Outreach Coordinator (multiple positions available)
  • Community Consultation Research Assistant (multiple positions available)
  • Community Consultation Senior Research Assistant (multiple positions available)
  • Knowledge Exchange Research Assistant
  • Knowledge Exchange Coordinator
  • Funding Sustainability Coordinator
  • Public Resource Artistic Advisor
  • Documentary Film Artistic Advisor
  • Graphic Design Assistant (multiple positions available)
  • Video Editing Assistant (multiple positions available)

You can find further information on the STEPS Initiative and these available positions by visiting our website at and visiting the “Get Involved” page. Detailed descriptions of the above indicated positions can be found on our volunteer placement page.

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