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New Online Learning Module--Making Evidence Work for You, Towards Evidence-Informed Practice

Do you aim to base your programs and policies on the best available evidence but are not always confident that you have succeeded? Do you find yourself overwhelmed or confused by the sheer volume of evidence or by contradictory, unrealistic or irrelevant evidence? If you sometimes feel you are ‘lost in the evidence’ you are not alone!

This new learning module walks users through each step of the TEIP Program Evidence Tool ( Users are provided with interactive activities to apply what they have learned. Additionally, we illustrate how the process works using health promotion and chronic disease prevention examples.

This module is intended for health promotion and chronic disease prevention practitioners who:

  • want to develop greater confidence in their ability to identify and apply relevant and useful sources of evidence
  • need practical guidance and tools for developing an evidence question and an evidence search strategy
  • seek knowledge management tools for collecting and synthesizing evidence
  • can benefit from a step-by-step process for evidence-informed decision-making
  • or want to apply the TEIP Program Evidence Tool to strengthen their health promotion initiatives

If you have any questions, comments and/or concerns please contact Dayna Albert, TEIP Program Manager, at [email protected] or (416) 367-3313 ext. 268.