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Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research & Policy: Addressing Social and Health Unequalities Across the Life Course

Toronto, Ontario
Sept 7, 2010

12:00-1:00 p.m.
CRICH Boardroom, 70 Richmond Street East, 4th Floor

Guest KT Seminar at the Centre for Research on Inner City Health

This presentation will describe the work of the Collaboration and present the main conclusions from four major reports about

  • Interventions for promoting early child development,
  • Interventions that address multiple risk behaviours in youth,
  • Interventions that tackle the obesogenic aspects of the built environment, and
  • Interventions that prevent or delay functional decline in the elderly.

Finally, we will reflect on the success the Collaboration has had in influencing Scottish public health policy at a national and local level.

Guest speaker:  Sally Haw, Senior Scientific Advisor, Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research & Policy (SCPHRP), Edinburgh; and Honorary Reader, Public Health Sciences, University of Edinburgh

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