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Thriving in 2010 and Beyond, Canadian Mental Health Association National Conference

London, Ontario
October 22-24h, 2010

  • This national conference hosted by the Canadian Mental Health Association will bring together from across the country:
  • People who have lived experience with mental illness
  • Their family members and friends
  • Service providers
  • Front line care workers
  • Academics and researchers
  • Policy makers from across the country

Thriving in 2010 and Beyond will closely examine the concept of "Thriving" – what makes someone with a mental illness (a consumer/survivor) become a thriver and how can those successes be replicated within and outside the mental healthcare system? A "thriver" is someone with a mental illness who succeeds in his or her chosen way by focusing on abilities and not disabilities.

The heart of the conference:

  • An open, multi-faceted examination of the roles and responsibilities of all mental healthcare system participants
  • The control and influence they exert
  • The key elements needed for the mental healthcare system

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