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Letter from the Editors: Resources for Ontario's 2010 Municipal Elections


I Introduction
II Resources

-- compiled by the OHPE Editorial and Management Team

I Introduction

Ontario's municipal elections are being held on October 25.  Below,  we present a round up of municipal election resources that have come to our attention.  We would like to add to this list, so please let us know about any sites that you have found useful, particularly if the resource is geared towards health promotion practitioners.

II Resources

Association of Municipalities of Ontario

"The mandate of the organization is to support and enhance strong and effective municipal government in Ontario. It promotes the value of the municipal level of government as a vital and essential component of Ontario and Canada's political system." []

Municipal Elections, Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

The Ministry's 2010 Municipal Elections Guide includes sections on Candidates, Voters, Election Finances, Questions On The Ballot, and Relevant Legislation and Regulations.

Student Vote

"Have your say and vote! Learn about the roles of elected officials. Investigate local candidates and issues. Participate in the Student Vote election. Student Vote is a non-profit, non-partisan organization working with educators to engage young Canadians in the democratic process."

Municipal Elections, Your Local Government

This site for Ontario residents includes background information on elections and a list of the 44 municipalities in Ontario.  They also link to the following related sites:

Ontario Municipal Elections, Wikipedia,_2010

The entry include quite a comprehensive collection of links to different municipalities, and known candidates for councilors and mayors.

Municipal Elections 2010, Sustain Ontario, The Alliance for Healthy Food & Farming

"We have developed a Municipal Elections Toolkit that outlines priority farm and food issues, and provides some helpful hints for organizing events and meetings with elections candidates."

Ontario Tenants' Rights, Federal, Municipal and Ontario Elections
Tenants Vote

This web guide provides information on eligibility, what poll, ward or electoral riding you are in, and what candidates are registered to run.

A Sampling of Pages from Various Municipalities

Toronto Votes Fact Sheets, Social Planning Toronto

The SPT Toronto Votes Kits  "contain information on the voting process, fact sheets on the issues, information on community election events, and more. These kits will also be made available in a number of different languages on this page over the coming week, to ensure that this essential information is accessible to as many of Toronto’s diverse communities as possible."

Ontario Municipal Elections, Facebook

"Our goal is to make this Community Page the best collection of shared knowledge on this topic."