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Request for Proposal--Healthy Communities Partnership, Hastings & Prince Edward Counties Health Unit

Belleville, Ontario
Deadline October 25, 2010

The goal of Healthy Communities Partnerships Stream is to promote coordinated planning and action among community partners, to create healthy public policies that will make it easier for Ontarians to be healthy.

The Hastings & Prince Edward Counties Healthy Communities Fund Partnership Stream will:

  • Engage community members, partners, networks, leaders and decision-makers;
  • Assess the community and create a community picture that identifies local directions and needs across each of the 6 ministry priorities: physical activity sport and recreation, injury prevention, healthy eating, mental health, reducing tobacco use and exposure, and preventing substance and alcohol misuse; and
  • Mobilize community leaders, decision makers, organizations and other stakeholders to work together to build healthy public policy.

The key objectives for the first phase of the new local Healthy Communities Partnership Stream are:

  • Community Engagement and Planning:  to engage multiple networks, community leaders/members, and decision makers to develop a Community Picture that identifies policy priorities to support local needs and align with Ministry priorities;
  • Partnership Development:  to identify existing networks and build connections within and between them for the purpose of coordinated action and to build on existing capacities and strategies to maximize resources.  Partnership development activities include capacity building, training, and development; and
  • Community Mobilization/Action to Build Healthy Public Policy:  to mobilize community leaders, decision makers, organizations and other stakeholders to take collective action to build healthy public policy.

The above activities will be implemented in a manner that reflects the unique needs of the four geographic planning districts in the HPECHU catchment area: North Hastings, Central Hastings, South Hastings (Belleville and Quinte West) and Prince Edward County.

Project Specifications.

The consultant will work with the Hastings & Prince Edward Counties Healthy Communities Partnership (HPEC HCP) Advisory Committee to develop a community picture for the HPEC HCP. The Community Picture must contain the following components.

  • Community Assessment:  compile and analyze epidemiological data from existing sources to identify local community priorities within the 6 HCP priorities: physical activity, sports and recreation, injury prevention, healthy eating, tobacco use\exposure, substance & alcohol misuse and mental health and identify gaps.  Data may include demographic, socio-economic, health prevalence data, community assets, community resources, environmental scans, and policy scans.
  • Completion date:  December 31, 2010
  • Community Engagement: consult with key priority stakeholders and key priority populations to incorporate their perspective into the Community Picture.  This will include conducting network\organizational scans to identifying key networks and organizations across a variety of sectors and engaging representatives from these networks\organizations as well as developing key informant questionnaires, conducting face-to-face interviews and\or focus groups.
  • Partnership Development:  the community engagement information will be used to create a Stakeholder Wheel to map those involved in the partnership at a variety of levels of engagement. Completion date: December 31, 2010
  • Identify training needs of partners in relation to coalition building and policy development
  • Completion date: December 31, 2010
  • Meetings with the HCP Advisory Committee: the consultant will also be required to meet with the HCP Advisory Committee at the start of the project and to present the Final Report.  They will assist the HCP Advisory Committee set policy priorities and identify action steps to further these priorities based on the developed Community Picture. Completion date: March 31, 2011
  • Consult with the HCP Advisory Committee by e-mail, teleconference\ telephone as required and meet with co-chairs as requested to provide regular updates.
  • Completion date: on going
  • Reports:  create and present an Interval Report December 10, 2010 and a Final report, January 31, 2011 to the HCP Advisory Committee and possibly at a Community Forum. Completion date:  January 31, 2011


Expected Deliverables of this project include:

1. Select questionnaires and survey tools for collecting data for the community engagement in consultation with the HCP Advisory Committee. Completion date: first two weeks of employment

2. Completed Community Picture

2.1 Community assessment: compiled and analyzed data as per all the specifications stated above. Completion date: December 31, 2010
2.2 Community engagement: results of consultation with key stakeholders and key priority populations as per the specifications stated above. Completion date: December 31, 2010
2.3 Partnership development: a Partnership development plan as per the specifications stated above.   Completion date: December 31, 2010.

3. Reports: interval report and final report to be presented to HCP Advisory Committee Interval report December 10, 2010 - Final Report January 31, 2011

4. Attendance at HCP Advisory Committee meetings at start of project and to present reports or at the call of the chair. On going consultations with the HCP Advisory Committee, the HCP Coordinator & Program Manager. Completion date – December 31, 2010

5. A list of recommendations from the Community Picture outlining key policy priorities for: Physical Activity Sport and Recreation, Injury Prevention, Healthy Eating, Tobacco Use/Exposure, Substance & Alcohol Misuse and Mental Health and an activity plan to support their implementation as per the specifications stated above. Completion date: March 15, 2011, Action Plan due March 31, 2011

Budget and Payment Schedule

The funding for this project ends March 31, 2011.

Submission Requirements

Proposals will be accepted until 12 noon on Monday 25th of October 2010 p.m. The successful candidate will be notified by Friday 29th of October 2010.  Work will commence immediately.  Letters of interest are welcome and should outline the following:

  1. An understanding of the scope of the project
  2. CV or resume summarizing related achievements and qualifications
  3. A preliminary work plan outlining how the tasks to be completed and corresponding timelines
  4. A breakdown of costs for the work plan
  5. Samples demonstrating experience developing surveys and evaluation strategies for similar projects
  6. Proof of liability insurance, if available
  7. The names and contact information of two references
  8. Please submit one electronic and one hard copy of your proposal.

Submissions should be directed to:

Sharon M. Thompson, RN., BScN, MPH
Healthy Communities Coordinator
c/o Hastings & Prince Edward Counties Health Unit
179 North Park Street, Belleville, ON K8P 4P1
Phone:  613–966-5513 ext. 213
Fax:  613–9966-9418
Email:  [email protected]

Cancellation of RFP

HPEC Healthy Communities Partnership Stream reserves the right to cancel this Request for Proposal (RFP) at any time without penalty or cost to it.  The RFP and resulting Proposal are not considered a commitment by HPEC Healthy Communities Partnership to enter into any contract.


All correspondence, documentation, and information provided by HPEC Healthy Communities Partnership to any respondent in connection with, or arising out of, this RFP and/or acceptance of any Proposal (s):

  • Remains the property of HPEC Healthy Communities Partnership
  • Must be treated as confidential
  • Must not be used for any purpose other than replying to his RFP, and for fulfillment of any subsequent contracts


The successful respondent is acting as an agent of HPEC Healthy Communities Partnership in the provision of the services outlined in this RFP.  All information and material acquired or prepared by or for the successful respondent pursuant to the agreement shall be the sole property of HPECHU Healthy Communities Partnership, both during and following the terms of this Agreement unless material used has been previously published or is in the public domain, in which case the references will be cited to the appropriate sources.  HPEC Healthy Communities Partnership will have unrestricted use of the above data.

The HCP Advisory Committee will use the following criteria to select the successful candidate.

Selection Criteria

  • Extensive planning experience in designing/developing and conducting needs assessments/community engagement, mapping & analysis/ partnership recruitment strategies
  • Knowledge and experience in evaluation
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent ability to analyze data and write reports
  • Demonstrated experience in project management
  • Demonstrated ability to facilitate and partake in developing and conducting key informant surveys, face to face interviews, focus groups and community forums
  • Ability to adhere to timelines and work with a team to develop all components of the project
  • Ability to meet all expectations within the allotted budget and timelines
  • Familiarity with OPHS and Chronic Disease & Injury Prevention programming in Ontario
  • Stated budget within allocated funds
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and write community action plans

For more information, please contact:

Sharon Thompson, Healthy Communities Coordinator
Phone: 613-966-5513 ext. 213
Email: [email protected]


Jackie Whittingham, Manager, Chronic Disease & Injury Prevention
Phone: 613-966-5513 ext. 328
Email: [email protected]