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Health, Healing and Religion Conference: Religions and Cultures, Nipissing University

Bracebridge, Ontario
May 6-8, 2011

The department of Religions and Cultures is organizing an interdisciplinary conference on Health, Healing and Religion, to be hosted by Nipissing’s Bracebridge. Our aim is to bridge the work being done in the practical and theoretical realms of health and wellness. The idea behind the conference is to utilize the accumulated wisdom of the world religious traditions in relation to healing. Practitioners from a wide variety of healing modalities will answer the question “What is healing?” from the perspective of their healing paradigm.

The conference is meant to be a resource for both the academic and health care communities and any one else interested in health and healing. This conference is imagined as hybrid between a standard academic conference and a retreat/workshop: the participants will listen to speakers, engage in discussion and take part in various meditative and stress management practices led by professionals.

For more information visit or call Gillian McCann (705) 472-4063.