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AboutKidsHealth: An Online, Multilingual Patient Education Resource

AboutKidsHealth: An Online, Multilingual Patient Education Resource [] provides parents, children, and health care providers with free, illustrated, evidence-based information about everyday health and complex medical conditions. The site is developed in collaboration with clinicians and researchers at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) and across Canada. We encourage health care providers to use our site when counselling patients and families, or to refer patients to it directly.

The entire site is now available in English, French, and Chinese (simplified character set), with over 200 articles also available in Chinese (traditional character set), Spanish, Arabic, Urdu and Tamil, and over 50 articles in Portuguese and Punjabi. Narrated, multilingual versions of many articles are also available. Translation of the site was made possible by a grant from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

What you will find on the site

·         In-depth Resource Centres provide answers for families of children with complex conditions, as well as common life events like pregnancy. These illustrated, animated, and interactive online resources not only provide parents with information about a particular condition, its treatment and consequences, but show them how to provide care for their children in the home, how to cope with diagnosis and treatment as a family, and what to expect in the future. At present, we have resource centres on ADHD, asthma, autism spectrum disorder, blood and marrow transplant, brain tumours, congenital heart conditions, diabetes, epilepsy, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, leukemia, pain, prematurity, and scoliosis. Our Pregnancy and Babies resource centre covers pregnancy and the first year of life, including important information on feeding, routine care, and safety as well as attachment and physical and cognitive development.

·         Health A-Z is an encyclopedia of over 600 articles about everyday health issues such as immunization, sun exposure, nutrition, or success in school, as well as more complex medical topics such as giving injections, using a nasogastric tube, or taking a child’s blood pressure at home. This section also features extensive illustrations.

·         Just for Kids provides age-appropriate games, animations, and downloadable materials for kids, all teaching about body systems, everyday healthy practices, concerns such as puberty or head lice, and complex disease management.

·         How the Body Works teaches the anatomy and physiology of major organ systems using animated, interactive medical illustrations. At present, we have modules on the brain, the ear, genetics, the heart, the kidneys and bladder, the respiratory system, sex development, and the skeleton.

·         Our News section features current news and videos about child health, safety, and education, as well as columns from our experts.

How we create our content

The information and articles on are based on current medical evidence. They have been developed by our writers, editors, illustrators, and designers in close collaboration with health care professionals from The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), the University of Toronto, and other centres. The content goes through several stages of review by members of our Editorial Review Board.

We welcome your feedback

Please let us know what you think of the new site! Visit us at, and send your comments and suggestions to