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New Resources to Address Equity in Health Promotion for Racialized Communities

Resources and materials from the Building Capacity for Equity in Health Promotion project lead by Health Nexus and Health Equity Council and other provincial partners are now available. Click here for the Literature Review and Resource Guide.
The Literature Review presents a framework for understanding and action on racialized health disparities that will be welcomed by those who are working to reduce health inequities. It provides an overview of the topic, a synthesis of our knowledge to date on it, a brief history of how it has been addressed in Ontario, and examples of what is meant by taking an anti-racist approach to health promotion. It points the way to how and in what direction our health promotion practice needs to move if we are to make significant reduction in health disparities that racialized communities face.
The Resource Guide provides resources and tools that practitioners can use in their work, as well as examples of successful initiatives to reduce racialized health disparities.
The Building Capacity for Equity in Health Promotion project, funded through the Healthy Communities Fund of the Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion and Sport, focussed on addressing inequities in health experienced by racialized communities especially low income communities. It did this by working with those who promote health in these communities, people in public health, community health centres and in community organizations, to build capacity to reduce health inequities for racialized groups.  Specifically, the project focussed on physical activity, mental health promotion, and healthy eating, re-defined by the project as healthy eating/food security.
Visit for a full project description, and to view materials from a series of conferences/learning labs held in 2010-2011 in Ottawa, Hamilton, Sudbury and Toronto that informed the development of these materials.
All resources are available in English and French.
For more information visit or write to