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Traditional African Healing and Medicine, Traditional Healing Network

Toronto, Ontario
February 4, 2012

2:00-4:00 p.m.
Across Boundaries, 51 Clarkson Avenue

It is estimated that 80% of Africans make use of traditional healing and medicine for some if not all their healthcare needs. Traditional African medicine continues to provide accessible, effective and affordable care and support to millions of Africans (WHO, 2008.) The concept of holistic wellbeing has been central in African ideologies and healing since time immemorial.  Spiritual belief systems, practices and cultural customs strengthen both the individual and communal relationship to Ancestors, Orisha's and Creator.

  • Traditional healing and its role in cultural and spiritual health.
  • Key concepts of preventing, curing and treating imbalances.
  • What African and non- African communities can learn from traditional healing.
  • How we can incorporate these beliefs and practices into our lives.
  • Participation in a traditional invocation and libation for the Orishas and Ancestors.


  • Prince Bamidele Bajowa: Born into the Royal House of Rebuja Ruling Dynasty in Igbotako, Nigeria, Prince Bamidele Bajowa brings traditionalist Yoruba knowledge and healing practices to Canada.  As Ifa (Orunmila) priest (Babalawo), he provides divination consultations as well as shares his experiences and skills through music, dance, and storytelling for the preservation of Yoruba heritage.
  • Rebecca Nomadlozi Rogerson: Originally from Canada, Rebecca Nomadlozi Rogerson practiced and lived in South Africa for over a decade as a Traditional African healer, Isangoma. As a consultant and activist, she contributed to HIV/AIDs community based organizations, development of national legislation and local traditional healer AIDS initiatives. She has presented and received awards at various forums internationally. She maintains her healing practice in Ontario with regular trips to South Africa.     

Note: Presentation will be followed by a business meeting of the network.