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Communities Collaborating Institute, Tamarack

Kitchener, Waterloo
October 1-5, 2012

Delta Kitchener-Waterloo

The Communities Collaborating Institute (CCI), Tamarack’s signature, week-long learning event, provides a unique opportunity to join a dynamic learning community of practitioners from across Canada and beyond who are committed to deepening their capacity to lead community collaborations.

This gathering will provide you with inspiration, information and tools to offer the leadership required to connect, engage and mobilize citizens and your community to generate a shared vision and action plan for change.

  • Learn to design and facilitate collaborative interventions
  • Understand how your city can effectively tackle major social issues
  • Build a vision for change and be inspired
  • Develop strategies for renewing your collaborative efforts
  • Reflect on and cultivate your collaborative leadership skills
  • Learn when and how to engage others within an organization, with other sectors and with the community

Learn more about the operational implications of running a collaborative:

  • Embrace the power of community innovation
  • Develop and evolve a “theory of change” and a transformational action plan
  • Employ effective techniques for community engagement
  • Evaluate progress and community impact
  • Develop an effective governance model
  • Build for friendraising, fundraising, sustainability and resilience
  • Engage various sectors including business, government, voluntary and citizens
  • Embrace a policy and systems change agenda

This week is designed as an amazing learning experience but we have not forgotten that leadership is hard work. We have therefore also included many opportunities to renew yourself, to feel hopeful, inspired and optimistic about your community work, and to experience a peer learning community. Throughout the week, take advantage of our Urban Retreat modules (more details coming soon!)

The full cost of this dynamic leadership experience is $1,695 for five days of onsite learning and materials, including lunches, breaks, a celebration dinner, all urban retreat opportunities, a commemorative vest and several books.

In our experience, learning opportunities are better translated into action when a committed group of learners attends together. Therefore we are offering subsidies for colleagues who enrol together. All participants of a group must be registered before the reduced rate can be confirmed.

For more information, please visit